When Sustainability and profitability goes hand in hand!

Understand the UN Sustainable Goals and how AI techonology can help you profit from these


If you are CEO, CFO, Business controller or in charge of procurement or IT and you want to learn, how you can power-up your procurement and supply chain by applying AI-based technology, then this webinar is very likely relevant for you.

If, at the same time, you are uncertain about how the UN goals for sustainability will impact your business – then these 2 hours a no doubt well spend.

The UN’s world goals offer enormous opportunities for Danish companies. That is, if they seize the opportunity and get involved from the start.

Whether we are ready or not, the world goals will come…. and they are going to turn upside down much of the way we do business and not least in our procurement

This in addition to the continuous pressure to buy in as efficiently as possible, and that the benefits of new solutions and changed processes are realized.

SpendAutomation is a revolutionary on-demand spend management platform that fuses technology, content, and deep expertise to help you sky-rocket savings – and at the same time target suppliers that meet the UN goals for sustainability.

With a Positive Impact Commerce (PIC) Assessment, you can determine exactly where you stand in relation to the UN’s global goals in the relationship with your suppliers and build your sustainable strategy from this baseline.



This event is an interactive live-streaming webinar – and starts at. 15.00 – with the following program:

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