About Sustainable Procurement


Sustainable Procurement to enable Sales and create profitable companies.


3 well proven and award winning digital solutions for Procurement, Vendor & Risk Management and Sustainability covering the entire Supply Chain and spiced up with Advisory, Leadership Coaching and Training to secure a sustainable future set-up.


Analytics, Automation, Marketplace and Buy Desk (to take care of the long tail of spend from smaller suppliers) are provided from Simfoni’s digital platform and handle all elements that are part of the operation of a professional and well-functioning procurement practice and can potentially be delivered as “Procurement as a Service”.

Vendor & Risk Management:
Contract Mgt., Relationship Mgt. & Risk Management is delivered via the digital platform from Brooklyn Vendor Assurance with the aim of ensuring the realization of the value created by the professional procurement practice and increasing this value through further development of the supplier relationships.

Positive Impact Commerce – get your PIC Rating in place and thereby create your baseline for the supplier relationship based on the UN’s World Goals and thereby create the opportunity to realize a sustainable and profitable business.


Foto-Søren Mølby Henriksen

Søren Mølby Henriksen

+45 29 47 23 86
Experienced financial, and procurement expert. 6 years experience as Procurement Director at Danske Bank and 7 years’ experience as IT Procurement Manager at Nordea. Speaker and teacher of financial management, sales and sustainable procurement. Founder of Provations and co-founder of Sustainable Procurement.
Foto-Thomas Rex Frederiksen

Thomas Rex Frederiksen

+45 22 10 33 70

Business mentor, leadership coach and communication expert. Seasoned entrepreneur, business angel and investor. Speaker, teacher and Network Director in leadership, communication and strategic networking.

Founder of i.a. The Microworld Group, Camp True North, Speakers Club, Elevate and Academy for Public Speaking as well as Sustainable Procurement

Awards & Recognitions

The companies we represent in the Nordic and Baltic countries have won a large number of awards – including a draw